Grupa Sokołów S.A. in its current shape was established in 2000 as the result of a merger of two leading groups on the meat market: Farm Food and Sokołów. By taking rapid and profound reorganisation, including the introduction of specialised production in each of the Group’s plants as well as constant development of our own breeding flock, we have become one of the leaders and pioneers of changes in the meat industry.
Currently, the group consists of seven large and modernly equipped production facilities in: Sokołow Podlaski, Czyżewo, Koło, Jarosław, Tarnów, Dębica and in Robakowo near Poznan. The Group also includes the following subsidiaries: Agro-Sokołów Sp. z o.o. with three large agricultural-breeding enterprises, Sokołów-Export Sp. z o.o. – supporting foreign trade activities of the Group, Sokołów-Service Sp. z o.o. – providing technical support and Sokołów-Logistyka Sp. z o.o. – in charge of transport and logistics.
Grupa Sokołów has a large production potential that enables it to produce about 1200 tonnes of high-quality products. Modern technologies, high quality materials and excellent recipes guarantee that the Group’s products fulfil the highest quality and health demands. Owing to that fact and by consistently implementing business and marketing strategies, the Sokołów brand is currently the most recognisable brand on the Polish meat market. The location of the Group’s production facilities, as well as the extensive sales network covering all distribution channels, including a modernly organised own network, ensure the availability of products throughout the country.