Product offer

The main features of the products offered by the SOKOŁÓW CATERING SYSTEM:

  • the system is based on chilled products, with expiration period of 21 days. Products can also be frozen. 
  • products are packaged in catering containers
  • thanks to appropriate flavour combinations, meals can be tailored to specific regional needs
  • the catering offer for catering units serving a minimum of 100 people a day, such as catering companies, hospitals, chools, canteens, restaurants, hotels, nursing homes, day care centers, etc.

SOKOŁÓW CATERING SYSTEM offers the following product groups:


  • ready-made soups
  • meat batches: cutlets, roasts, rolls, meatballs
  • stews, fricassees, stuffed cabbage rolls, beans stewed with meat in tomato sauce, letchos etc.
  • chicken pieces, baked, fried, steamed
  • ready-made meals: dumplings, potato dumplings, pancakes


  • salads, boiled vegetables
  • ready-made salads
  • peeled potatoes


  • pre-portioned cold cuts
  • meat patties, ham in disposable trays